Fun Facts

Tree Care

Taking care of your tree is an important task in your holiday fun. Following these steps will keep your tree happy for it's life "out of the ground". Here are a few simple tips:

  • Make a fresh cut to your tree (about 1/2" from base of trunk)
  • Always keep your tree in the shade and in water
  • If not placing your tree in a water stand immediately, place the tree in a bucket of water until you are ready
  • Place your tree in a stand large enough to hold about 1 gallon of water
  • Check water level daily, adding water as needed
  • Use only tap water, no additives are necessary
  • Smaller tree lights emmit less heat, and remember to unplug lights when going to bed.


Do you take credit/debit cards?

We accept cash and personal checks only.

Is it REALLY necessary to make a fresh cut?

Yes. 2-3 hours after a stump is cut, air gets into the plant tissue. This affects the trees ability to absorb water. A fresh cut will re-open those pores.

Should I taper the base, or cut it at an angle?

No. Making a straight cut allows for the best water consumption. Tapering REDUCES the surface area of plant tissure that absorbs water molecules. When the water level falls below the exposed surface, on a tapered trunk, dying will begin.

What the best way to secure my tree on my car?

It is easiest to have the tree baled first. Additionally, the "stump end" should be towards the front of the vehicle. Twine or rope should be used to tie-down your tree. If your tree extends a few feet past your rear bumper, tie a small bright ribbon to the tip of the tree for driving safety.

Should I be concerned about needles falling off my tree?

It is natural for trees to lose their needles. However, if the tree feels dry or has a faded color, you might want to select a different tree.

Do I need to bring my own saw?

Handsaws are provided. Please DO NOT bring chainsaws, as they are a liablitiy issue. If you prefer your own handsaw, you are welcome to bring it along. PLEASE REMEMBER TO RETURN BORROWED SAWS BEFORE LEAVING!

Do you have BBQs available?

No. But please feel free to bring one! We have plenty of picnic area with tables.

Do you allow pets?

Yes, but please keep them on leash. Lots of pets will be around, and we like to keep everyone friendly.